Maya Investment Group

Rasing of a civilization again

Using the space available in Iraq to maximize profits and exploit the potential of this country in the field of our defined businesses


Using the space available in Iraq to maximize profits and exploit the potential of this country in the field of our defined businesses


Gaining a prestigious regional position in the fields of trade, transportation, distribution network and production of food products and FMCGs.


National production in Iraq
Family Health
Family Happiness

Our Philosophy

We have a vision in our country

A better life in Iraqi, that was our goal from the beginning, and driven by it, We sought to provide a decent life for the Iraqis people.

From Mesopotamia

From a great legacy that we carry over different cultures and vast civilizations, it has become our responsibility to take this legacy as a new destination to create our identity and for the rebuilding of our country.

A modernity that keeps pace with the world

Nations prosper with their industries, economic development, and investments. We provide infrastructure for various industrial sectors, in order to provide a basis for a new Iraq.

Our Brands

Our Products

  • volcano

    Volcano Enegy Drinks

    Nothing can feel better than energy drinks right after exhausting work. The volcano will make you happier with its great taste. 

  • smile

    Smile Elegants Dental Care

    Our Teeth are one of the most valuable assets of our body. it also has a significant effect on how we look. So Smile products include all you need for your oral health including toothpaste, dental floss, and mouthwash with the best quality 

  • icen

    Icen Ice Cream

    Ice Cream Can boost your mood, bring you joy and also makes every child happy. We created Icen icecream for producing one the most delicious ice cream out there with tons of new flavor and with the most fresh milk to make your moment more special.

  • smile

    Golden Food

    The food industry is what Maya company has a great experience in. So we created Golden food to provide all the fresh food you will need in your kind home.

  • smile

    Orchid Cosmetics

    Orchid is one of the Maya's brands producing cosmetic product with healthy quality and skin friendly makes you shine like always.

  • senior

    Senior Vapes

    Vaping is one of the most reasonable alternatives to smoking cigarettes and researchers verified it is 95% safer than cigarettes. So Senior started producing high-quality vapes to replace with. with the senior products you can experience a tasty enjoyable vaping


    Maya pro is the premium Service of Maya investment group and it includes some of the most special services in taking care of your business.

    Our policy

    We Care for Our Families

    Believing That Our Iraqi Families Deserve The Best, We Sought to Create an Atmosphere of Care And Love

    We Discover Talents

    We Aim to Create Job Opportunities in The Iraqi Market, And Provide The Necessary Space for Creativity And Innovation


    Maya Group Announces Launch of Rose Rosil Brands

    7/8/2020 Maya Group has announced the launch of Rose Rosil Brands, which specializes in categories of personal care, cellulose and home care. The products of the Rose Russell Brand will

    Maya Group announces launch of Benti

    1/9/2020 Complementing its ambition in supporting the national product in Iraq, Maya Group has announced the launch of the Benti brand. Which will specialize in the field of food industry