Maya Plast

Plastic industry

Maya plast has been established with the aim of entering the polymer packaging industry used in various industries. The enterprise focuses on producing, printing, laminating, cutting, and sewing polymer films, which cover a wide range of polymeric materials. Some of the industries that can be covered are detergents, cellulose, health, food, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, clothing, household, and any industry that uses polymer films. The types of polymers used in these industries are: polyethylene, opp, bopp, cpp, polyester and so on.

Film production machine

latest model 5-layer film production machine with the ability to produce a variety of polyethylene films with various thicknesses.

copy machine


Italian flexo eight-color printing machine with a new sleeve system and a wide range of Anilux and fully automatic with a width of 130. Ability to use the latest technology in the world with high accuracy and quality so that images and elegance of the rotogravure system can be printed.

Laminating machine

Italian laminating machine with the ability to laminate a variety of films such as polyethylene, polyester, opp, cpp, etc. and having an online corona system

Sewing machine

Sewing machine for all types of polymer films equipped with wicket system and handle with the ability to sew longitudinally and produce world-class packages in the packaging industry